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Welcome to! On our page you will find an interactive weather forecast map for the world, Live - Streaming Cams, Weather - News, a live earthquake map and a World Time Zone map

Tips and information to use our interactive weather forecast map:
Weather layer: At the top left corner of the weather map you will find various weather layers, click them to enable and disable the layer. Get the local weather data with a click / touch on our map.

The Global Forecast System GFS © NOAA is a global numerical weather prediction system, the mathematical model is run four times a day, and produces forecasts for up to 10 days in advance in high resolution. On our weather page you get a forecast output every hour for the first five days and three hourly through day 10.

Snow: The formula created for the precipitation rate on average, 1 inch of rain is equivalent to 1 inch of snowfall (1mm = 1cm) at temperatures around freezing point and lower

We are using the GFS data for the following layers:

Regen Wetterprognose Rain
Schnee Wetterprognose Snow
Isobaren Wetter Pressure
Wolken Wettervorhersagen Clouds
Luftfeuchte Wettervorhersagen Humidity
Wind Wettervorhersagen Wind
Böen Wettervorhersagen Gusts
Temperatur Wettervorhersagen Temperatures

You can change the geopotential height of the temperature and wind (also for the wind animation) furthermore you can change the color of the wind particles (white, black and colorful)

The global numerical weather prediction ICON © DWD is run four times per day, the forecast ranges being 180 h for the forecasts starting at 00 and 12 UTC and 120 h for those starting at 06 and 18 UTC. You will find the significant wave height on based on the ICON model for every three hours.

Wellen Wettervorhersagen Waves

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