Weather Germany - thermometer rises to > 30 °C

September brings numerous hot days

The meteorological autumn brings late summer temperatures to Germany. Locally the thermometer rises to > 30 °C. There will be hot days especially in the southwest of Germany.

People are especially happy in the Rust amusement park, where the thermometer rises to 32 °C. Hiking on the Feldberg in the Black Forest is really fun at 19 °C. The students are looking forward to more beach days on Lake Constance (it´s still the summer holidays in Baden-Württemberg). Meersburg expects sunny 30 °C, Konstanz 29 °C and Lindau 27 °C. In Friedrichshafen, the Zeppelin airships are still on course, with perfect weather conditions at 27 °C. The water temperature in Lake Constance is currently 21 °C to 22 °C.

But it´s also getting warm in the north of Germany, even on Sylt you can look forward to 22 °C to 24 °C. The forecast is for 30 °C in the federal capital Berlin. In the west, in North Rhine-Westphalia, there will be temperatures of 32 °C in Cologne, 32 °C in Düsseldorf and 31 °C in Dortmund.

Summer values can also still be expected in the Bavarian Forest. Zwiesel is looking forward to 26 °C.

This exceptional weather situation will last until the middle of next week.

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