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Cordoba - Have we tried the best olive oil in the world?

Premium olive oil from Andalusia on tour took us to the Andalusian province of Cordoba last Thursday. We were off the highway on the way from Iznájar to Cordoba and passed the small but fine Bodega Aceites La Muralla. We were spontaneously given a warm welcome by the director Manuel Villén and were given a tour of the factory.

As we were told, the olive trees are up to 200 years old and up to 330,000 kg of olives of the Hojiblanca variety are harvested. The olives are harvested by hand in October when they are still green and then processed. As a result, the Bodega Aceites La Muralla also sells a particularly exclusive end product, the Extra Virgin Premium olive oil. The price for this quality is really fair at around 14 euros per liter and absolutely competitive compared to the prices in some supermarkets.

We tried the olive oil on site and were incredibly positively surprised by the taste. Since this is not a paid article and we even bought the olive oil, we can judge without consideration and can communicate that it is now also used at home in the kitchen. A mild and fruity note comes to mind when we have to describe the taste. This olive oil is a sensation in terms of taste and compatibility.

If you are considering a factory outlet, drive from Malaga towards Cordoba and enter this address in the route planner. Carretera de Lucena a Rute, km 10, 14950 Zambra, Córdoba.

But if you want to order the olive oil online, just click here

Video: Bodega Aceites La Muralla

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