Weather in Cordoba - Up to 30 °C

Geraniums are blooming in Cordoba and the weather plays along

Every year, Cordoba (Andalusia) becomes an important holiday destination for tourists during spring. Geraniums start blooming beautifully during this time of the year and the temperatures play along as well.

Cordoba currently registers up to 30 °C and since the air humidity is very low, the human body is able to tolerate these temperatures very well. The conditions are perfect to explore not only the sea of flowers but also the Mezquita which is the most important building of the city. Of course you also need to see the Puente Romano, especially in the evening during sunset. Beneath the bridge flows the Guadalquivir river which is the 5th longest river of Spain and the longest of Andalusia with 657 km. The river springs from Cañada de las Fuentes (province of Jaen), passes by Sevilla and flows into the Atlantic Sea in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (province of Cadiz).

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