Malaga Airport with a plus of 9.7 % in August

New records - Passenger numbers August 2023

It is quite astonishing that passenger numbers in Spain are exploding like this during times of crisis. War, inflation, and a declining gross domestic product don´t seem to be causing any problems for travelers in the EU.

In August 2023, Malaga Airport reported a new record with 2,419,072 passengers, an increase of 9.7 % compared to the previous record month in August 2019. From January to August 2023, Malaga Airport reported a total of 14,921,595 passengers, which equals to a 9.3 % increase compared to the same period in 2019.

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By the way, Valencia Airport is also reporting a significant increase in passengers. Since the beginning of the year, the airport has already recorded 6,614,757 passengers, representing an impressive 14.8 % increase compared to 2019. We have also installed live weather webcams in this growing region, click here

The ongoing bad news from Barcelona seems to be hitting the region hard. In the current fiscal year, El Prat Airport reports a 7.2 % decrease with a total of only 33 million passengers.

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